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How to donate

Money collected throughout the year are used to fund educational scholarships for 200+ children each year. Because we are a volunteer organization, 100% of your money goes into education for the needy students. Your generous contributions are sincerely appreciated.

Funds can be deposited directly with the following PIWC bank details:

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank
Branch: Chao Fa Road
Account Number: 633-281298-3
Account Names: Wipa Tanmanatragul, Jirapa Euwsakul and Jureewan Wongprom

Should you wish to donate, please send an email to Sue Arnulphy ( or with the following optional information:

Name of Donor
Email Contact
Amount of Donation and Currency
Date of Transfer
Type of Student
  • New or existing
  • Higher Education
  • University
  • Medical
  • Other request
Do you wish to have your name shared with the student?
Do you wish to know the name of the student?
Is this a one-time donation or will you make annual donations?