golfers @ Laguna

PIWC has a lot to offer, apart from our charity and the festivities, we have “activities”,
and one of them is the noble game of golf!

PIWC golfOur golf group is a very special one.  

It is very, very international, with both fulltime and part-time Phuket residents. When the high season starts, our “snow birds” hibernating in cold countries, flock back to Phuket. They are mostly from the European countries and enjoy our group… ‘Confusion of Tongues’…… especially when they are counting their score!!!!

Play is twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday. At the moment, our group is small. However in the coming months, ‘the before and after golf’ clubhouse table will be long. If any you like to join the golf group, do not hesitate: there are good golfers and ….. the others.

We celebrated the glory of Lotte who made a hole-in-one! May be some of you do not know what that is, but it is a very special achievement we can only dream of.

Come and join us in the Laguna Phuket Golf Club club after our round and enjoy a glass of white wine with us. You can contact us via, attention Marion Tideman.