Fire & Ice – annual fundraising gala

Look out! The dynamic ladies of the Phuket International Women’s Club (PIWC) are about to breathe fire (volcanic) and ice (glacial) and maybe a little brimstone at their annual fund raising event in January 2017.

That’s right. On Saturday, 21 January, 2017 is when PIWC, Phuket’s oldest charity, will take members and guests on an incredible “fire and ice” themed journey set around volcanoes and glaciers at the top of the world to the bottom and several places in between.

This, all the while raising funds, by contrast, in the tropical heat of Phuket for the iconic PIWC scholarships that have helped poor students further their education to the highest level, including medical doctors, for the last 22 of the charity’s 27 years existence.

Said PIWC President of Social Activities, Maggy Wigman: “We always try to conjure up imaginative themes for our main fund raiser. The fire and ice idea is not only a bit of fun it’s also educational. Who knows where the Perito Moreno glacier is, for example? (Answer: Argentina). As a result of all this hard work to raise funds we take great delight in the faces of the children when they receive their scholarship certificates and meet them later when they have graduated.”

On 21 January six tables of 10 people will be named after glaciers (Hubbard, Franz Joseph, New Zealand; Perito Moreno, Mer de Glace, France; Pasterze, Austria and Engabreen, Norway); and six (x10) named after volcanoes (Etna, Italy; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Popocatepetl, Mexico; Fuji, Japan; Bromo, Indonesia and Maelifell, Iceland.)

And to dive further deeply into the “fire and ice” mood patrons will be asked to wear white, silver and blue for the glacier tables and red, gold and orange for the volcano tables. So get out the glad rags, buy up the material and fire up the sewing machines, it’s going to be a (volcanic) blast!

But wait, there’s much more.

Emirates, one of the world’s leading airlines, has offered two economy class tickets from Phuket or Bangkok to any destinati0on in Europe served by the airline. Maybe to visit Mer de Glace glacier in France? The winners will be announced at the event.

And more.

A silent auction will offer some mouth-watering two night stays at top class resorts and hotels in Bangkok, Macau, Langkawi, Chiang Mai and Phuket; a luxury boat trip, valuable paintings and many other goodies.

And don’t forget the “duck pond!” Catch one of the 30 ducks floating in the swimming pool and win a restaurant voucher worth anywhere between Baht2000 and Baht5000.

Delicious food from the new Firefly restaurant at The Pavilions will give the “fire and ice” revellers the stamina to rock the night away to DJ Fab’s (French) eclectic mix of music. And, get this Maggy has promised “not too many boring speeches!”

Here’s what you have to do: Buy, in advance, a Baht2500 ticket to the grand buffet and one complimentary drink. Preferably book a table of 10 for yourself and friends—like, early so you don’t miss out.

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