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2017 Committee



The 2017 PIWC committee; left to right: Sue Arnulphy, Erna Pieterse, Carole Dux, Athena Cant, Nittaya Darroch, Wipa Tanmanatragul, Jureewan Smulders-Wongprom, Lyn Carthew, Maggy Wigman, Marianne Zaffaroni, Tasnee Meusburger and Dianne Buerger (absent Valerie Dobson.)


Executive and General Committee elected March 2017

  • President – Lyn Carthew
  • Vice President and Social Events & Fundraising Chairman – Maggy Wigman
  • Secretary – Tasnee Meusburger
  • Scholarships Chairman – Wipa Tanmanatragul
  • Scholarships – Jureewan Smulders-Wongprom
  • Treasurer – Marianne Zaffaroni
  • Memberships – Dianne Buerger
  • General Committee: Carole Dux, Erna Pieterse, Valerie Dobson, Nittaya Darroch, Athena Cant, Sue Arnulphy

Any of the above members can be contacted via INFO@PIWC-PHUKET.COM